About Us

Hello There, Well I think if you hit the "about us" Buttom is because you want to read about who we really are? 

Well we are two "Young" Entrepreneurs (by "young" we mean still in the 30's) from El Salvador, Central America, beside partners we are brothers, with a great passion for Futbol history, we grow up watching Il Calcio Italiano every Sunday morning, same sunday but in the afternoons we loved to attend to the games from the local league. we were lucky enough to see the last years of Jorge "Mágico" González playing for CD FAS... he is our Hero, we mean it... he is something else!, if you ask about him in Cadiz, Spain... they will definitely tell you: Magico is in the top Ten.

We love our "Selecta" (El Salvador National Team) they are in the top 100...(actually they are the 99th position as today). that Blue and White fill our hearts with passion, specially when we remember them in their best times... and their best players: Mágico, Cienfuegos, Zapata, Diaz Arce, Pipo, Canales... etc.

But is not all about El Salvador, we love Total Football, The Hand of God,  "El Escorpion" (Higuita vs. England), The Dream Team, El "Hijos de Puta" de Maradona en Italia 90, Ruud Gullit, Pele, Baggio, Platini, Klinsmann, Goicoechea, El Brody Campos, Romario, Zidane, Milla, Kempes, etc...

And we always wondered about having something to pay tribute to them..and we made some jerseys for us, and let me tell you about the feeling you get when the people look at you with nostalgy: as if they were took 20- 30 years ago and immediately start telling stories about their childhood, and how they lived those games... that my friend is something that we want to give you: Nostalgy.

Please share your histories with Us.. send us an email to retrosyrarezas@gmail.com or folow us in our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram #retrosyrarezas. we want to hear from you.